About The Muscle Relaxers

Ofelia Sierra

Ofelia Sierra Clemmons, LMT, CNMT

After receiving a Botanist degree from UGA, I decided that one of my paths in life was to help people.  I enrolled in a NeuroMuscular Therapy program at Rising Spirit Institute, and graduated in 2005.  I have since gained much experience in the healing art of massage and muscle manipulation by working in Medical Spas, Chiropractic Offices, and Alternative Medicine Clinics such as Acupuncture Atlanta.  My clients agree that my massages incorporate a great deal of “feel-good” moves, but also include many therapeutic techniques that “hurt so good” which results in a refreshed yet relaxed feeling. My specialties include: Neuromuscular Therapy (trigger point work,) Myofacial Release, Lymphatic Stimulation (or lymphatic drainage,) Deep Tissue Massage, Passive Stretching, Reflexology, Pre-Natal Massage, and Hot Stone Massage upon request.

Se Habla Español.

Ofelia has been officialy recognized by the Georgia House of Representatives.

gwenbaldwin - About The Muscle Relaxers

Gwen Baldwin, LMT – our new therapist

I am very proud to introduce you to our new therapist in the office, Gwen. With 17 years experience doing both eastern western modalities, you can bet that she has a huge toolbox of things to bring to the table (literally!) She graduated from Life School of Massage Excellence and loves doing cranial work and lymphatic drainage, as well as neuromuscular and trigger point work. She has the innate ability to feel tension, swelling, and areas of discomfort and really attends to them while she thinks about the client. She is the real deal when it comes to healing. Additionally, she can give you the tools to look inside yourself, as we all know that healing comes from within. The first time I had a massage with her I felt completely rejuvenated. Why don’t you give her a try when choosing your appointment time online.