Lymphatic Massage in Atlanta

Lymphatic for post-op surgeries

Most of the clients that seek lymphatic drainage massage (LDM) come to us to recover from aesthetic surgeries such as liposuction, smart lipo, tummy tucks and Brazilian butt lifts (or BBL.) Many of the doctors that perform these operations recommend lymphatic massage because it reduces swelling, prevents bumpiness and reduces the risk of seromas ( lumps of serum fluid under the skin).

There may have been further damage to the nerves and you may feel numbness or sharp shooting sensation. LDM will help reestablish the integrity of the body back to normal.

The lymphatic drainage massage therapist may use other techniques to help even out the remaining fat and help smooth and soften the fascia in the area that underwent the trauma of the canula (the instrument used to suction the fat.)

Massage is key to relieving the stiffness that occurs after the surgery. Many of our clients feel a dramatic difference after their first appointment. They comment how appreciative they are to be able to put their shoes on without pain.

However, one treatment is not enough. It is important to continue the treatments anywhere from 5-10 times as the effects are cumulative and your results will be much better. It is difficult to determine how many treatments you will need because it depends on your genes, age and lifestyle choices including diet, mobility, health etc.

We understand you spent a lot of money and time for the procedure, but recovery is not something that you will want to be penny pinching.

Fortunately, we do have a 5 pack deal available only for lymphatic clients that reduces the cost. A package of five 1-hour treatments will cost you just $395. This package is not refundable but it is transferrable. The contouring the surgeon performed will be much better, your healing time will be expedited, your bruising will heal faster and you will be a much happier person with lymphatic drainage after your procedure.

*We have special cushions for your butt if you underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure so you can lay on your back and your booty won’t touch the surface.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Detox & Immunity

More and more people are learning about the beneficial effects that Lymphatic Drainage Massage has on the body. I call it the “garbage disposal system “of the body because the lymphatic system helps take out all the “trash” that doesn’t serve us.

The lymphatic system helps filter out toxins, large proteins, and fats. It processes pathogens including bacteria and viruses. Some people get a lift in energy because their system feels less sluggish after having had this very relaxing massage.

A series of these treatments will help keep your immune system in tip top shape especially if you are prone to sickness in cold and flu season. It may help increase your immunity if you are surrounded by people that are already sick. It is imperative that the treatments be continuous and consistent, so the 5 pack deal might be a good decision for you. This package is not refundable but it is transferrable.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage after Cancer

It is well documented that lymphatic drainage massage during or after cancer helps the body restore health. If lymph nodes have been taken out or affected, then there is a bigger toll on rest of the lymphatic system to do the job. This is where a little lymphatic massage can help.

There will be fluid accumulation in the body and it can make a limb much bigger than normal if lymph nodes are compromised. Your lymphatic drainage massage therapist will help guide the extracellular fluid to the right lymph nodes so that the body will be more efficient in processing out the lymphatic fluid.

After passing through the lymph nodes, lymphatic fluid is considered sterilized and eventually it makes its way to the circulatory system. This is when the liver, spleen and kidneys filter out the rest of the junk and we excrete it out of the body. Without a properly working lymphatic fluid, the body would become toxic and that can be very detrimental.

5 pack deal might be a good decision for you, since the effects of LDM are cumalitive.