Hello dear ones!

I hope this finds you healthy and well. Although I’ve secretly really enjoyed having some time to rest and relax, I’m looking forward to doing a soft opening next week. However, I wanted to let you all know that I will be implementing safety precautions to help diminish the probability of spreading corona virus and to help everyone feel comfortable here. We all have mixed feelings about reopening. I am happy to listen and share comments over a phone call. For now, I am pleased to safely welcome a few healthy people back in to the clinic, little by little.

Be assured, we are in compliance with the Massage Board of Georgia and the order from Governor Kemp’s office (more info click here, pg 15.) Although times they are a changing, I hope we all can sacrifice a little comfort for the benefit of the community (wear your masks!) I thank you in your trust during these times and I am confident we can get through this together.

Precautions for the covid-19 virus era:


-We offer hand washing in our break room, or sanitizer previous to your session (per governor’s orders); we may also use hand sanitizer when we massage your hands

-Staggered appointment times so no one bumps into you after you walk out of the treatment room; or please respect others and let them walk by before you enter the hallway to maintain social distancing

-Taking Temperature- with infrared thermometer on forehead

-Sanitizing surfaces- all that we touch! This will take extra time between clients, so we can be thorough.

-We will be diffusing safe, antimicrobial essential oil into the air

-We will be getting a “True HEPA” medical grade air filter that filters out VOC’s and pathogens in the treatment room

-Gloves are available if you prefer us to use them with you

-Please bring your own water, or water container; we have filtered water if you need some in your water bottle; if you forget it’s ok, we won’t let you dehydrate!

-No couples massages at this time; if you want to come in at the same time, we ask that everyone have separate rooms.

-Tissue offered for you to use for opening doors and elevator buttons on your way out

-We will arrive showered and with clean clothes, we appreciate you doing the same

-Please update us on any new health changes; please call us if you become ill within 10 days of visiting our clinic.

-Questionnaire or Covid Liability Form – I’d like to know a little about your recent and current health, your exposure, and that of your quarantine household. This may be emailed; please sign and return either by scanning into email or hand delivered at your appointment

Please arrive wearing a mask and we ask that you continue wearing your mask during your massage. Your massage practitioner will have one on as well.

-Gift Certificates: If you or your loved one need more time to redeem a gift certificate, we are certainly being flexible and can extend the expiration date. Also, we certainly appreciate your support during this time and are grateful for your purchase of gift certificates, whose value is 100% guaranteed for a year after purchase.

-New Clients: we will email Intake forms- please email back or print and bring to your appointment; otherwise, bring your own pen if you don’t mind.